About us

Indo Rubber and Plastic Works has been a well known name in India and overseas for its high quality and value for money sports products since 1978. The company has a widest network of sports in India making its products available to each and every corner of the country. VICKY is the registered brand name under which the goods are sold in various categories from cricket, skates, volleyball, football, basketball, badminton etc.

Since 2016 the company has worked extensively on introducing professional range on sports products across categories and has already successfully introduced its professional soccer and professional basketball range. Now the management has conducted extensive research in technology and design of professional badminton products and focusing on making of products as much as possible in India without compromising on quality. This has lead to the introduction of first ever professional badminton brand from the land of more than 1.3 billion people, TRANSFORM Badminton. The brand focuses on quality and designing of the products to exceed the expectations of the customer at a reasonable price. Company aims to work responsibly towards building it as one of the most sought after badminton brands in the world by sports lovers because of its quality, designs and aiming towards zero complaints experience for its customers.